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The Range Marbella offered an open clinic for women

The Range Marbella offered an open clinic for women focused on increasing driving distance

On Wednesday, February 14th, a special Open Clinic for women was held at The Range
Marbella entitled “Short game fundamentals” taught by Denise Doyle, outstanding golf
coach Class “A” PGA of America with a strong knowledge of the latest golf technologies
and theories..
The attendees, women of different levels and nationalities, took the opportunity to
incorporate new knowledge and some advice to improve their game.
The Range Marbella International Golf School is the first golf academy in Spain that
incorporates the most advanced and innovative exclusive technologies, such as
RoboGolfPro® and Trackman 4. Recently launched a special offer to improve golf game
and enhance the swing, aimed at all levels: 2 hours a week, groups of 4 people: €15/h
(price per person). This offer will only be valid for the next 2 months.

Classes included:

  • Video technology analysis
  • Practice plan
  • Goal setting

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