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Land with rural property in a beautiful natural environment

The Hedionda baths are shrouded in numerous legends that attempt to explain their origin. One of them incorporates the magical-believing elements typical of these cases: according to the story, the demon that lived in this water breathed his last breath when he was expelled from Santiago, giving the water his sulfurous smell. This legend is narrated by various authors, all travelers, some of whom make some modifications. However, the most popular version attributes a noble historical origin to them: in the year 61 BC, the Roman troops would have camped in that area ready to confront those of Pompey and, suffering from scabies, they found relief by bathing there; although, according to others, Julius Caesar himself recovered from a herpetic infection and ordered the construction of the baths that are preserved today. The bathroom complex is completed with works from the 17th century to the end of the 20th century, still partially preserved.

Land and location:
Large property of 112,000 m2.
Located next to the Manilva River.
Proximity to the famous “Baños de la Hedionda”.
Just 5 minutes from the fascinating coasts of Casares and Manilva.
Convenient access via the AP7 or A7 motorways, ensuring a smooth journey along the picturesque coast.

Currently unused, it presents potential for various high-yield crops with the option of vineyards, recognized for their exceptional quality, or tropical trees such as avocado and mango, complementing the existing avocado plantation.

Potential for a possible equestrian center or luxury agriturismo.

Villa con Encanto:

Traditional single storey villa featuring timeless elegance.

Five bedrooms, four of which are en-suite, offer privacy and comfort.

Guest bathroom for greater comfort.

20m2 kitchen with rustic wooden furniture.

Large 60m2 living room with large fireplace, wooden shutters and high sloping ceiling.

Connected to the main house is a small two-story house, approximately 50 m2.

Separate entrance, perfect for service accommodation or as a guest house.

Front porch partially covered by a pergola, creating an ideal setting for outdoor dining under the starry sky.

From the property you can enjoy impressive views of the Sierra de la Utrera.

For those wishing to exploit the investment potential of this extraordinary property, we are available for further details and to arrange a viewing,
Tel. 0034 644525972

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