Business start-up

Our goal is simply: that your business works.

We are committed to investigating the potential, the competition, the best locations, the ideas, the risks and we develop a customized project so that your business can be sustainable and successful.
We are specialized in create and develop a franchise business.
We sale bars, restaurants, hotels, shops and companies in Marbella and Costa del Sol (as they say in spanish, “traspaso”)

Starting a new business can be a great opportunity, but it is a process that requires time, money and energy, and is developed in stages. We do:

  • Study of the business idea
  • Market analysis
  • Business and economic plan
  • Business development
  • Franchising
  • Recruiting
  • Marketing and communication

The bureaucracy and licenses
Often the bureaucracy can be an insurmountable obstacle or a waste of time. We are engaged in the rationalization of the bureaucratic path to start working as soon as possible, especially for foreigners who need some essential services such as:

  • NIE (how to get it)
  • Bank account (how to open it)
  • assistance in the choice of legal form of a company,
  • tax (how to save money)
  • high self-employment,
  • business creation,
  • changes in ownership and transfers,
  • obtaining licenses,
  • telephone / internet contracts …

We work with a consolidated network of lawyers, notaries, engineers and accountants.