Friday, April 19, 2024

Real estate tokenization: investment in properties accessible to all budgets

Most people who do not have high net worth have been excluded from many investment opportunities in premium assets due to a lack of capital and also knowledge of the sector. In recent years, blockchain technology has made it possible to split all types of contracts in complete security, including those for the purchase and sale of real estate. Based on this system, MetaWealth companies are democratizing access to real estate, offering high-yield real estate assets, all vetted by experts, to anyone interested, with minimum capital of 100 euros and managing these assets through a percentage of the assets under their control. custody.

Recently landed in Marbella, MetaWealth, a pioneer in innovation and development in the field of real estate investment, simplifies the European real estate investment landscape and expands its presence to the Costa del Sol with its most recent project, Mane Residences.

MetaWealth’s success story is marked by a series of achievements, among which stands out the successful completion of its asset portfolio valued at $2.8 million, acquired by 215 investors from 23 different countries. Now, this success is projected in Spain with Mane Residences, located in the charming surroundings of the Costa del Sol, a project that materializes MetaWealth’s vision of revolutionizing real estate investment through its innovative tokenization platform. On this platform, real-world assets (RWA) are tokenized and fractionated, thereby facilitating their accessibility for investment.

To explain to the financial and real estate sector how its method and way of investing specifically works, MetaWealth is organizing an event, on March 6 at 5:30 p.m., at The Pool coworking in Marbella, on the topic: “PropTech and Tokenization in Spain, a free talk, open to everyone, prior registration at the following link

In just eight months, MetaWealth has brought together a diverse group of investors from more than 25 countries. The effectiveness of their platform is demonstrated by the instant distribution of monthly rental income, amounting to $130,000, to all token holders in less than 30 seconds, demonstrating their commitment to democratizing access to real estate.

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