Luxury jewelry Gomez & Molina celebrates 50 years of history with an exclusive evening at La Zagaleta

Gomez & Molina is a last name and a signature that made the history of Marbella: any documentary or report of the business life of the city from its maximum splendor until today, would make reference to that family. And everyone in Marbella knows that Gomez & Molina is synonymous with jewelry and luxury in Marbella!

But if yesterday we could celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand, it is because behind a company dedicated to luxury there is a family with clear ideas and authentic values that has managed to challenge the market with great professionalism and overcome adversities surrounded by collaborators, suppliers, brands, and friends of trust and courage.

To all of them, Marina and Miguel, the emblem siblings of Gomez & Molina Joyeros, have dedicated the party last night that was among the most exciting and best evenings of the whole summer.

Set in the exclusive framework of the Club de Campo de la Zagaleta, the celebration began shortly before sunset, summoning about 150 guests, dressed up to honor the 50th anniversary of the company, which has two jewelers in the city, one in the center of Marbella and the other at the entrance of the port in Puerto Banús.

Marbella businessmen, politicians, clients and executives of the main international jewelry firms commended the success and the fight that has led Gomez & Molina to be recognized as “the best-known jewelry in Marbella” and most appreciated by jewelry enthusiasts all over the world.

The management and family solidity of that company has been the key to the brand’s success: Marina and Miguel remembered it in their exciting welcome speeches. Without the audacity, patience and vision of Antonia and Miguel, founders of the brand, it would not have been possible to achieve these results. The siblings are moved to remember the premature loss of the father but they also smile to see the strength that still emerges from a mother as devoted to business as the family.

The firms Damiani, Fred, Hublot, Utopia, De Grisogono, Stenzhorn, Cvstos, Messika, Schaffrath appeared both in the words of thanks and in the celebratory video, along with the faces that have starred in the best moments and stages of jewelry in their 50 years of history.

The emotions of the memories gave way to those of dinner: after a delicious cocktail, by the hand of Gastronomic Studio, faithful family partner, the guests could enjoy an exquisite dinner and two very original and appreciated shows.

The first, “Pagagnini”, through the virtuosity of four great musicians, performed some peak moments of classical music fused with other musical styles, delivering a fun and surprising concert. The second, although more classic, proposed a very high level of flamenco, thanks to the guitars of the group and dancer Olga Pericet, National Dance Award 2018, which haunted all attendees.

An evening full of emotions and unique moments that confirm how dear this family is both in Marbella and abroad, since many of its collections have their own design and have wrapped up entire generations, of any age and culture.

Congratulations and good luck: with that desire and hope we say goodbye to that beautiful celebration. The photos are provided by Madison Estudio.

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