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The high-end housing sector on the Costa del Sol generated more than 1 billion euros in 2022

The member companies of DOM3, the Association of Entrepreneurs for High End Housing, have experienced an exceptional fiscal year, surpassing €1 billion in total turnover in 2022. These record results are evidence of the success and strength of the high-end housing sector on the Costa del Sol. In addition, the economic impact of DOM3’s member companies extends further afield and it is estimated that they created over 2000 direct jobs and over 4500 indirect jobs in the region.

The construction of a high-end home is the creation of an SME in itself, as it involves dozens of companies and professionals of various kinds. Real estate agencies, lawyers, notaries, engineers, architects, decorators, installers specialising in hydraulics and electricity, painters, landscapers, specialists in natural stone and home automation, among others, form part of the business network associated with DOM3.

High-end housing has established itself as a driving force in the regional economy. The data demonstrates how the sector continues to experience exponential growth on the Costa del Sol. DOM3, with almost 40 leading companies in the luxury villa and residential construction sector, continues to be a key economic driver in the region.

This sustained growth reflects the commitment and excellence of DOM3’s member companies who have proven their ability to deliver high quality products and meet the most demanding customer requirements. With a diverse offering and personalised services, DOM3 companies excel in the creation of exclusive and luxurious residences in the area known as “the golden triangle”: Estepona, Marbella and Benahavís.

“The companies associated with DOM3 are a benchmark in the high-end housing sector on the Costa del Sol. Their commitment to quality and their ability to adapt to the needs of our high-end international clientele have been key to these excellent results,” said Juan Mancha, president of the DOM3 association.

The presence of DOM3 member companies in the high-end housing sector is an indicator of the quality and exclusivity of the projects developed in the region, attracting an international clientele with demanding needs. These companies work mainly with foreign clients of various nationalities, such as British, German, Belgian, Nordic, French, Arab, Canadian, Italian, Hungarian, Chilean, Swiss, among others. This broad scope proves the importance of these companies in the international market and their ability to adapt to the needs and preferences of a diverse and demanding clientele.

However, the companies associated with DOM3 not only work on the Costa del Sol, but have also carried out international projects, mainly in Europe and the Middle East. A true reflection of their ability to expand and compete in the global high-end residential construction market.

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