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Hacienda Alakran: the delicious fusion between Andalusia and Mexico that makes Malaga viral

Just one week after opening, the Hacienda Alakran restaurant (formerly La Casería), located between Teatinos and Puerto de la Torre, promises to be a trend thanks to its gastronomic proposal that fuses the best of the Mediterranean, with the most typical of Malaga and the most attraction of Mexico. Not an easy task to achieve at such a high culinary level and in a casual and themed environment like the one its founders have managed to recreate.

These are four chefs with extensive national and international experience, but with Malaga at their heart: Richard Alcayde, Miguel del Valle, Miguel Ruiz Miguelito and Álvaro Redondo have combined their talents, betting on an innovative and undoubtedly captivating concept for our city.

For a week now, the restaurant has not stopped receiving reservations (even from groups and clients with famous palates). In full swing both at midday and at night, it offers lunches from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and dinners from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., although its goal with the approaching good season is to become the “place to be” of the Malaga afternoons and copeteos. And it must be said that the facilities and decoration are ideal for a non-stop opening. Internally it consists of 2 very cozy rooms on different levels, and outside the tables are distributed on a picturesque porch that overlooks the pool and around it in a scattering of plants, decorations and lights in the Caribbean and Andalusian style.

The four chefs, with vast experience, have conceived a surprisingly original menu, which stands out for its fusion between Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine, describing it as a “daring and rogue” bet but knowingly respecting the raw materials and highlighting the quality of each product. .

The four friends have decided to create a space where visitors can live a vibrant, challenging and authentically fusion experience.

Every corner of the hacienda, from the colorful furniture and its decorations to its menu, is infused with this vision, inviting everyone to immerse themselves in a unique experience that celebrates life, passion and rebellion.

The offer includes a diverse selection of starters, including two versions of guacamole (9.5 and 10 euros); tuna aguachile and Greek yogurt (14.50 euros); shrimp corn toast (7.5 euros), scale fish ceviche (14 euros) and tinga croquettes (7.5 euros), among other options.

In the tacos section, options stand out such as Iberian cochineal pibil (8 euros for two units), beef tinga (9 euros for two units), carabinero a la concha with onion (12 euros), fried calamari (9, 5 euros for two units) and Malaga-Moorish goat (11 euros for two units).

The grill section offers dishes such as zarandeado market fish (12 euros); Yukatán grain chicken steak (12 euros), aged beef rib eye (26.5 euros), low-temperature Black Angus rib (24 euros) and heart sweetbreads (13.5 euros).

The menu is completed with stews: oxtail stewed with plantain, migas and mole poblano (14.5 euros) and their particular version of corn gazpachuelo, mushrooms, cilantro and Oaxaca cheese (12 euros). Finally, the menu offers several desserts, such as roast pumpkin, tangerine, sugared seeds, smoked plumcake and lime (6.5 euros); tres leches in texture, popcorn caviar and cajeta (7 euros); fluid cheesecake with frozen pistachio (8 euros) and 70% creamy chocolate, roasted banana and mole (7 euros).

It is also worth highlighting the winery that offers notable labels from all Spanish denominations, with special affection for Andalusian productions that are gaining more prestige every day. The culinary experience also includes a good pairing that at Hacienda Alakran can be repeated and memorized, thanks to an app, which allows the customer to save each wine chosen during their visits. Both Richard and his colleagues assure us that more surprises will come, because their creativity and desire to surprise have only just begun: the possible combinations of products will also follow a seasonal calendar and summer will surely have something new in store for us.

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