Monday, June 10, 2024

Do you want to work for IBM in Spain? ViviMarbella helps you achieve your dream.

Who doesn’t know IBM? It is the most famous technology company in the world, founded in 1911 in New York and now spread all over the globe (obviously also in Spain with offices in Madrid and Barcelona) which employs over 300,000 people.

ViviMarbella is pleased to start a collaboration with Federico Lucchini, who works in IBM in Dublin (where the European Head Quarter is located) as Client Success Manager.

Below you can find direct links to IBM’s latest job postings in various areas, from sales to project management to more tech positions.

By clicking on the links, you have priority and direct access to the job positions. If you want to work for IBM or want more information, contact Federico Lucchini on his LinkedIn profile.

Here are the job positions in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona or remote) updated March 11th, 2022.



Data Science

Project management

Technical specialist


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