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The British Consul in Andalusia will speak about the Brexit this Tuesday in Fuengirola

“The Councilman of Culture of the City Council of Fuengirola, Rodrigo Romero, has informed of the conference on the Brexit that will be held on Tuesday, April 23, from 12:00 pm in the House of the Culture by the British Consul in Andalusia, Charmaine Arbouin, and the consular team, addressing more than six thousand British citizens currently residing in Fuengirola.

“On April 23 at noon at the Casa de la Cultura we will have an informative talk about a hot topic such as the Brexit, which the British Consul for Andalusia will deliver personally with all consular team, both for Britons residing in Spain and for all those who are interested,” Romero explained.

“In this regard, the mayor has pointed out that “there are many issues that arise on this subject and above all, there is much hoax circulating on social networks, especially among the British; in Fuengirola there are more than six thousand five hundred British people registered and if we characterize ourselves as a Town Hall, it is because we serve each and every one of the Fuengiroleños and these more than six thousand Britons are as Fuengiroleños as any other.”

“As for the conference itself, Romero explained that “first a generic talk will be offered on how the Brexit issue is developing right now and in what situation British citizens are expected to remain in Spain and then working groups will take place where the consular body will be able to attend to the most specific issues that each one may have, whether it is about business, pensions or any other issue.”

“In addition, Romero said that “in the talk, although you can ask questions in Spanish, it will be delivered in English because it is targeted specifically at the British audience.” For more information about this conference and the consequences of Brexit for British residents in Spain, those interested can go to the website or through Facebook / BritishinSpain.

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