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Discovering KORSUM, the brand founded by Katrine Korsun in Marbella in 2015

Founded in Spain in 2015 by Katrine Korsun whose perception of the world is manifested by virtue of bright palettes and graphical silhouettes, the prêt-à-porter Korsun brand entails art embodied in architectural outlines alongside bold colours. The uniqueness of Korsun’s collections is revealed through the combination of elegance with extravagance.

The influence of a trio of different countries – Spain, Italy and Russia – fuse together in the provenance and origin of the brand. Katrine’s genealogy is from Russia. Spain provides inspiration and is the current residence of Korsun. Italy contributes with its superior fabrics and production facilities. Highest quality manufacturing is an essential priority of the brand. The ‘Made in Italy’ mark on the label assures the ultimate meticulousness to fabric selection, design and accessorizing. In the spirit of constructivist philosophy the statement of the brand is expressed via jocund prints, bright hues and quirky colour combinations.

The brand represents boldness and uniqueness, art and comfort. Korsun’s heroine is a successful, exultant and au courant woman. Her mission is to inspire her network and the world with her inner energy, to furnish sunlight on the grayest of days, to be the one who brings joy to her world. Lasting impressions count, motivating her to colour her world with luminous intensity. Korsun’s artistic DNA brand favours a lifestyle with an avant guard spirit manifested with the unmistakable image of the brand.

Boldly structured dresses with remarkable graphical silhouettes, sparkling tones and atypical textures have become the label’s stamp. Detailing, meticulously fitted into context, with exquisite embroidery are inherent in each new collection, illustrating a creative dialogue with the world of arts. While tropical forests of former Spanish colonies inspire print design, birds in-flight are the label’s signature as well as an allusion to a freedom-loving spirit and continuous aspiration to perfection, which are among the fundamental values of the brand.

Influential fashion magazines have taken a shine to the brand since its launch. Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, Grazia, L’Officiel and other luminaries have abetted the artistic values and bold directions of Korsun in the fashion industry, inaugurating the brand to a broad worldwide audience.

Maintaining a level of quality and surprising with an extraordinary design, from season to season new collections are instantly becoming recognizable to a growing audience of brand fans.


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