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Casino Marbella muestra su imagen más atrevida de la mano de Curro Leyton con “Energy 2023”

Casino Marbella muestra su imagen más atrevida
de la mano de Curro Leyton con “Energy 2023”

On January 19, Casino Marbella will present a painting exhibition with the new collection of the renowned Malaga artist Curro Leyton. At the same time, an impressive artistic mural will be inaugurated on the south façade of the building, renewing the exterior image of the Casino, where the spectacular historical canvas blends in perfect harmony with the avant-garde style of the painter.
Benahavis, the town where he grew up, was the one that awakened Curro’s first cultural interests. However, it was not until the year 2000, when he started his professional career. After experimenting with music, another of his passions, he decided that the best way to express his art was through painting.
One of his most outstanding awards has undoubtedly been the Don Quixote Award, granted in 2016, thanks to his collection “Quixote in the XXI Century”, which was one of the protagonists of the emblematic Hispanic Parade in New York. A year later, he was named Honorary Fellow by St. Johns University in New Jersey, and also participated again in the Hispanic Parade representing our country with his work “Quixote in Guernica”.
The artist, multidisciplinary and contemporary, signs his prolific work with different styles, techniques and formats that are exhibited in private collections, without forgetting his great projection in public works, such as the murals of the Palacio de Congresos de Marbella, the various creations in the municipality of Benahavis or his imprint exhibited in the route of Artistic Murals of Estepona, a town where Leyton’s signature is shown in four large murals. The prestigious Spanish Benelovent Society Cultural Center of New York, La Nacional or the Benahavis Town Hall are just some of the institutions and entities that collaborate with the artist, consolidating, once again, the professional recognition of the painter.
Casino de Marbella will allow you to enjoy its energetic and innovative collection in a unique environment, merging culture and leisure in a single space. Energy 2023 will be available, free of charge, from January 19 to March 20 from 20:00 hr in the Private Room of the Casino.

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