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Brunei proclaimed the champion of the Royal Bliss Silver Cup high handicap after a grand final

The Royal Bliss Silver Cup, which was held last Saturday, has been the second most important trophy of the 48 International Polo MANSION Tournament, which is being played throughout this August at the Santa María Polo Club in Sotogrande (San Roque, Cádiz).

Brunei Polo Team has been crowned champion of that Royal Bliss Silver Cup of high handicap, after imposing 10-9 MB Polo in an intense and highly contested match, typical of a grand final. This polista competition is considered one of the four best in the world, and is included in the Grand Slam. 22 teams from different countries participate.

Brunei, a team from the Asian Sultanate of the same name, was proclaimed winner in a fast-paced final followed by several thousand spectators distributed across the fields of Los Pinos of the Santa María Polo Club and with great anticipation in one of the great days of the season.

The quartet, formed by Bahar Jefri, Camilo Castagnola, the ten goals Juan Martin Nero and
Santiago Stirling, was awarded the Royal Bliss Silver Cup with a high handicap by
Antonio Villanueva, the Cádiz manager of the Department of Communication and Institutional Relations of Coca Cola European Partners, accompanied by the mayor of San Roque, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix, and the president of the Royal Spanish Polo Federation, Jaime Thorny of Los Monteros. Brunei Polo Team number three, Juan Martin Nero, took
the trophy for the best player, presented by James Blair, of the MANSION Group.

On the other hand, María José Mora Figueroa and the president of the Santa María Polo Club, Antonio Ortiz, were in charge of handing the prize to the best Patron, which went to Bahar Jefri. Santiago Torreguitar, Polo Manager of the Santa María Polo Club, presented the ¡HELLO! to the best horse, which went to Open Exon, ridden by Tomas Beresford.

The sporting day ended with the performance of the singer-songwriter Sofía Ellar. This has been the most recent of the great concerts scheduled by the White Summer festival for which artists like Rosario Flores and Viva Suecia have already performed.

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