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The Nikki Beach White Party this year will start at noon on June 1

One more season, Nikki Beach Marbella will officially welcome the summer with its most emblematic and recognized event: the White Party! For the first time in 15 years, the Marbella embassy of this international brand of beach clubs has turned this celebration around so that attendees can enjoy it for longer, starting at noon.

It will be on Saturday, June 1, starting at 12 noon when the Marbella embassy will host this celebration, unified under the white color – strict dress code of the attendees. An appointment with music, gastronomy, entertainment, fashion, cinema, and art are the elements that define this lifestyle concept that will feature international DJs, exclusive live entertainment, fascinating decorations, and gourmet culinary offerings.

Each year the party is inspired by a different theme to surprise all attendees. On this occasion, the boho chic universe will permeate every corner of the beach club that will be filled with mandalas, catching dreams, feathers, and tepees in white. Nikki Beach wants to honor its origins and representative image this year that the brand turns 20 years old.

It was in 2002 when the renowned International Top Model Naomi Campbell initiated this tradition by celebrating her birthday party during the opening of Nikki Beach Saint-Tropez which all her guests attended dressed in white. Since that year, the White Party has become an annual and unavoidable appointment in the calendar of all the international embassies of Nikki Beach.

DJs, singers and contortionists

From 12 noon, the best environment of the Marbella coast will be at Nikki Beach, with the best live music and amazing shows that will make this event a memorable day.

The party will begin with the refreshing and current sound of DJs Anthony and Junior, followed by the performance of New City Beats, which combines music played with live musicians and singers that will raise the energy of all attendees.

Singer Kye Sones, known for his hits “Selfish Love” and “Reality” that he produced along with Lost Frequencies, will also take the stage to offer a demonstration of his impressive voice that accompanies the best dance sounds.

In addition to live music, the public can witness the amazing entertainment that defines the beach club. A contortionist will perform an impressive choreography on a ball demonstrating her technical prowess and flexibility, while an acrobat will be suspended in the air between giant helium balloons above the attendees. As a souvenir of the event, anyone who wants to can take a personalized mandala that an artist will be painting live throughout the day.

The end of the festival will be accompanied by fireworks that will illuminate the sky of Marbella and the afterparty from 22h in Nikki Privé, an exclusive space with terrace and the best views of the sea, a continuation of the celebration that will feature great DJs to make the night even better.

Tickets to the White Party can be purchased at the following email:

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