Robert Procop, the jewelry designer of Angelina Jolie, presents his exclusive collections in Gomez y Molina

Robert Procop is a remarkable jewelry designer, a renowned gemstone dealer and a humanitarian person. Today I have had the pleasure of meeting with him at Gomez y Molina jewelry shop and his eyes lit up as he enthusiastically walked me through his amazing collection.

Robert was born in California and he told me that “Marbella and California are very similar destinations, not only for climate and territory, but for style, tourism and residents.”

At an early age, Robert found himself captivated by the most mysterious and coveted of all jewels, the diamond, inspiring a lifelong passion, which has seen him explore the globe to discover the rarest gemstones.

Robert was learning how to cut gemstones and diamonds under the direction of master cutters around the world. His knowledge of lighting came from working closely with his father, who was an engineer.

Procop specializes on finding rare stones to create flawless pieces of jewelry. In fact, he travels to Colombia to personally meet with the miners, venturing into the mines to buy direct and examining every gemstone before it is purchased. After a thorough examination, Robert hand sketches initial designs for the gem. Once the design sketch is finalized, it is given to one of their craftsmen.

He is especially passionate about working with high-quality, precious gems such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The rarer and more flawless, the better.

His customers are collectors or those looking for unique and limited-edition pieces of exceptional quality. His jewelry is really feminine and he is no influenced by only one culture or continent.

“I create a piece of jewelry designed around the stone and a woman’s lifestyle,” says Procop, who lets the stone guide him in his design inspiration.

Along with his impressive resume, Robert has changed the lives of thousands of women and children over the past 25 years. He has used profits from his gemstone collection to build 14 homes for battered women and children through the Los Angeles House of Ruth.

Furthermore, Robert and Angelina Jolie have collaborated on a philanthropic jewelry project called “Style of Jolie”. The Style of Jolie collection donates 100% of its profits to The Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

“Philanthropy is 50% of my life… I’m blessed to be able to help people,” Procop says.

Robert´s collections will be shown at Gomez y Molina jewelry shop for the following ten days. This is a magnificent opportunity to see and appreciate these work of arts.

Without a doubt, Robert Procop is a man who lives and shares his passion for life.

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