Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The Costa del Sol is committed to the fashion industry with the “Málaga Fashion Hub” program

Tourism and Planning Costa del Sol is launching Málaga Fashion Hub, “a program that is created to stimulate, position and consolidate the fashion industry inside and outside the province, and at the same time reinforce the competitiveness of Malaga companies,” as noted by Arturo Bernal, the general director of Tourism Costa del Sol.

This program “will offer industry professionals the necessary tools to boost and strengthen their business project, strengthen their brand and enhance creativity at all levels,” Bernal added.

For four months and with the help of a large group of specialists and experts from the sector, the participants in the Málaga Fashion Hub program will develop an exclusive training itinerary based on the transfer of know-how, advanced consultancy and the analysis of successful cases with the objective of increasing the visibility of their projects, exploring and strengthening the distribution channels and optimizing the visibility of their brands and products.

Companies and business projects of the textile industry and accessories, located in the province of Malaga, will be able to participate in this program, and those registered under the “Málaga de Moda” brand, and/or located in municipalities of the province of Malaga with less than 20,000 inhabitants.

The first phase of the Málaga Fashion Hub program will include the development of different sessions of joint participation as a masterclass with the aim of placing the tools to identify the main innovations and trends in all areas of business, from design and manufacturing to distribution, marketing, and sales operations. In this first phase, the establishment of synergies and the exchange of experiences among all participants will be promoted.

The second phase of the program will focus on the development of accompanying actions and personalized monitoring of each of the participating companies, through advanced consulting sessions. These sessions will analyze and review the strengths and weaknesses of each project, identify market opportunities and analyze, through benchmarking techniques, the development of other products in the sector. In addition, work methodologies will be provided, but from an objective and critical perspective, necessary to innovate in the business models.

Likewise, Málaga Fashion Hub will articulate a program of talks, colloquiums or round tables that will have different entrepreneurs of the sector which will expose, from their proven experiences, some relevant examples of good practices and successful innovation processes that have taken place in other companies. In the same way, other projects that have not achieved their objectives will be considered and the causes of their business failure will be analyzed.

Together with the process of knowledge and experience transfer, Málaga Fashion Hub will offer participating companies the possibility to increase the visibility of their projects by participating in different networking sessions and professional workshops with participation of agents, distributors, headhunters or investors interested in learning about the immense creative talent and growth potential of these companies in Malaga.

This initiative is another commitment of Tourism and Planning Costa del Sol, a public company of the Diputación de Malaga, in its eagerness to promote emerging sectors and enhance productive investment based on innovation and sustainability.

This continues the effort to improve the competitive position of the Malaga-Costa del Sol brand in order to consolidate an efficient management model, based on public-private collaboration and the professionalization of public resources.

Málaga Fashion Hub, born with the firm purpose of being a benchmark for textile innovation combining knowledge, professionalism and business dynamism will start operating in October for which the call will soon open.

The interest of Turismo Costa del Sol for the promotion of this segment is nothing new. In fact, “Málaga de Moda” was one of the products that Tourism and Planning Costa del Sol presented in the FITUR edition last January along with other products such as “Siempre cálida”, “Senda Litoral”, “Gran Senda”, “Caminito del Rey”, “Costa del Sol-Costa de Eventos”, and “Sabor a Málaga”.

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