The Italian brand of gourmet coffee Pascucci arrives in Spain

The small … big Italian torrefacto company very much appreciated by lovers of high-quality coffee finally has landed in Spain!

As is usually the case, the company first polled the Iberian land and then launched the new business adventure with great dedication. As the CEO, Mario Pascucci, enthusiastically stated: “Yes, it is true, we have moved with the usual maneuvers, we have observed the market, we have approached in a way to ensure necessary confidence, to finally realize that we had to do it, especially in Spain. In all honesty, like good Italians, we are convinced that there is not a single compatriot who is not in love with Andalusia and Spain in general, so we join them.”

The story of Caffè Pascucci is fascinating and takes shape in the immediate post-war period, when Alberto Pascucci, Mario’s father, chose to dedicate himself to the production of coffee, gradually abandoning the food trade, an activity that had characterized the family until that moment. From his father (who is still working, always present at the headquarters to transmit his experience to employees with the same energy as in the best days), Mario inherits the visionary genius and unlimited passion for the world of coffee, especially if it is of excellent quality.

Starting in the 1990s, Caffè Pascucci crossed national borders and, step by step, became one of the most popular Italian restaurant brands abroad (the 500th cafeteria opened in South Korea).

A pioneer of Italian organic coffee, Pascucci’s strength lies in the recognized quality of the blends and the wide range of offerings, able to satisfy any palate and covering the most common extraction systems: coffee beans, coffee mocha, espresso, filter coffee, instant coffee, cold brew, and coffee pods – there is no proposal that has not been appreciated by consumers.

For our part, we only have to wish good luck to these bishops of good taste, hoping to consume excellent coffee with Italian flavor and Spanish style.

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