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Boho Club expands Diego del Río’s gastronomic proposal with a wide variety of menus for the new season

Boho Club, boutique resort and restaurant, presents the new leisure and restaurant proposal for the autumn and winter season in Marbella with a wide variety of concepts, which consolidates the space, the former Swedish Forest Center, located in the heart of the Milla de Oro, as the place to be for Marbella’s cosmopolitan society.

Boho Club’s maxim is to feed the senses of our guests, and, for this, we offer original experiences, beyond a tasting menu or a hotel stay. It is about surprising the client and getting them to enjoy a moment that will last in their memory”, says Daniel Little, General Manager of Boho Club.

Gastronomic offer at Boho Club

Open from eight in the morning until midnight, non-stop, the Boho Club restaurant offers a wide variety of menus, adapted to each moment of the day and to the tastes of the most demanding diners. Diego del Río, Executive Chef of the Boho Club, is passionate about Mediterranean products and Andalusian cuisine, which he combines with international touches, and has created a wide culinary offer, unique in the area.

Rice dishes will coexist with hot creams and dishes made with seasonal products, such as game meat or mushrooms. We have perfected our grill with more cuts and superior quality meats such as sirloin, entrecôte and Angus steak. As for the fish, the fish market will mark the offer every day”, indicates Del Rio.

Among the novelties, we find meat dishes such as venison sirloin, chestnut toffee, and glazed spring onion; or the wagyu rib, creamy Jerusalem artichoke and puff pastry potato, while, in the fish, there will be sea bass on octopus gazpachuelo and chili piparra; monkfish, black olive romesco and roasted pepper juice; or grilled octopus glazed in teriyaki, celery ball and eggplant in textures.

Tasty dishes have been included in the new menu, now we find starters such as: the Michelada oyster, fresh mushrooms with tasty sauce, foie gras, liquorice and hazelnuts; grilled organic carrots with marinade and dried fruit; or the game meat ravioli, artichokes and stewed ramen; or the cured scallop, carrot, beans and pumpkin cream and curry”, explains Sergio Jiménez, Food and Beverage Manager at Boho Club.

And for dessert, diners can try the new semifreddo Boho Rocher with passion fruit and pineapple soup; the creamy lemon, candied peanut, sablé, basil and mint sorbet or the roasted apple mille-feuille, puff pastry and citrus.

In addition, the Boho Club classics remain on the menu, which are the favorite snacks for regular customers: the ponzu oyster and the oyster with mango, lemongrass and lime; the shrimp croquettes and their tartar, and the already famous Diego del Río corn soup, with avocado mojo and pickled vegetables.

Lunch menu

For lunch, we maintain our Boho Club midday menu proposal, with two dishes to choose: starter and main plates, which also includes bread, drinks: a glass of wine, water, soft drink or beer; and coffee, at a price of €28, from Monday to Friday”, explains Ariana Alonso, maître de Boho Club.

Gastro nights

As a great novelty this season, starting next week, customers who come to Boho Club on Tuesday and Wednesday nights will be able to enjoy a very special gastronomic evening. Diego del Río’s tasting menu with wine pairing included will cost €95, and it will be the chef himself who will explain his dishes and chat in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with the diners, so that they will have the opportunity to ask him to find out firsthand all the details of his kitchen.

Thursdays Afterwork

Starting this week and for the next few months, Thursday will be the day to enjoy the afternoon at the resort. The entire Boho Club team will come together on Thursdays, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., to enjoy with clients and friends, special prices on cocktails, appetizers, and music from the resident DJs at the place to be in Marbella.

Week end Brunch

At the end of October, the weekend brunches will begin at Boho Club. From 12:00 to 4:00 p.m., and at a price of €55, we can taste a complete proposal that includes a buffet with top quality Andalusian products such as Iberian meats, cheeses, honeys, breads, and a large selection of sweets; in addition to a menu with dishes with organic eggs and rice”, says Andrea Cervera, Head Chef at Boho Club.

Christmas events and parties

For Christmas celebrations for companies and friends, Boho Club has developed different menus for groups, from €65 to €90, and its professionals specialized in organizing corporate events and family celebrations in a personalized way are at plain disposal for the customers.

On the other hand, for the special festivity days, Boho Club presents different proposals for both New Year’s Eve dinner, with a New Year’s party, classic dishes of Boho Club gastronomy and wine pairing included. For Christmas and New Year’s Day, a special celebration Brunch has been created that will include several buffet stations and seafood dishes. On Christmas Eve, the restaurant will remain open, and diners will be able to have an à la carte lunch.

Boho Club’s sommelier, Richard Mena, has personally selected the best references, which include renowned classics and a collection of small producers.

On the menu we will find the best wines from the old and new world (France, Italy, Germany, United States, Argentina, Chile…) and of course, champagnes from small producers and large maisons that share space in our cellar with the most renowned white wines and with a special selection of Andalusian wines (fino, manzanilla, amontillado, oloroso…) and still wines, from Cádiz and Málaga, wine regions par excellence“, says the Boho Club sommelier.

The Boho Club proposal is completed with a space for cocktail lovers with more personality, with a large selection of spirits and signature cocktails, in an intimate and lively atmosphere. “Cocktails, music, and good company. At Boho Club we seek to amuse and surprise through our new menu of signature drinks with premium distillates, where we highlight two options inspired by our culture, ‘Tablao’ and ‘Baron’, made with Andalusian wines”, says Agustín Corral, Head of Boho Bar.


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